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The Yorkshire Ridings Society
preserving Yorkshire's integrity

Yorkshire Ridings Society

Introduction to the Society

The Yorkshire Ridings' Society was formed in 1975 at the time when massive changes were being made to local government and the areas which they administered.

These changes resulted in new administrative areas, some which were known as 'new counties'.

Yorkshire intact

This statement was included in the order which created new Administrative areas in the reorganisation of local government in 1974:

"The new county boundaries are administrative areas, and will not alter the traditional boundaries of counties, nor is it intended that the loyalties of people living in them will change despite the different names adopted by the new administrative counties."


This isn't a matter of opinion, it's a fact. Yorkshire's boundary, from the River Tees to the Humber and beyond to Sheffield and from the Pennines to the North Sea is about 600 miles long, and it is intact.

This information was not widely publicised in 1974, nor has it been much publicised since, but the Yorkshire Ridings Society is hoping that everyone in our county will be aware of it before too long.

All those people who were told that they had 'been moved out of the county' were misinformed. They may be in an administrative area which is based outside the county; they may have been given a strange postcode and may find many of their services are over the boundary, but, they still live in God's Own County.

How good is that?

The work of the Yorkshire Ridings Society

The society has been working for nearly forty years to ensure that the integrity of Yorkshire, its three Ridings and all the associated boundaries is maintained.

The Yorkshire Ridings Society is currently working towards ensuring that county boundaries are marked on maps and by appropriate road signs.

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